Friday, June 8, 2007

Today is a good day

today is agood day so far, getting ready to go and sing at veterans powwow. all my friends that i sing with will be there, it's kind of big thing because we haven't sang together for awhile when we did we went by the crazyhorse singers until this one man got greedy and started talking trash about us and kinda just overed on our name we didnt do anything about it we just started a new one. the point of this is that, greed can ruin agood thing no matter whom you are or where your from so what we try to teach the younger one's is be kind to all and have respect for everthing to the four legged, birds, trees, and the water because everthing needs water to survive.
yesterday my friends Terry spoonhunter, delbert new holy, sam long black cat came over to the house a visited we sat around and sang some songs, we sang this one song that's on our cd called highway 18 it was made back in the old days when the government gave out rations along the highway all the indians would come from all the districts get there rations and camp, sing songs and visit. this song has strong meaning to it it says."when you are along highway 18 and you see people having a good time, remember me! the white man's way does not belong to me."
Thats just one song here's one that i learned from a man that taught alot of the ways his name is Leroy Lookstwice, this traditional men's veterans was composed during or near the end of World war 2 by one of the many lakota men, who had voluteered for battle, as he struggled with the knowledge that he may never return highlights the belief in finding strength from the lakota religious says," My friend they shot me! The bad mouths"the germans" one of them shot me! It's was hard but through the grandfathers way, and creators blanket, i made it back." these are just a few songs that i like they are songs with a story now days drum groups just sing songs that are lullibies.
timpsilas are out now so suggest that if you ain't doing that you go out and dig some up they are good healthy turnups that will keep your stomach full, until next time keep your head up and be loud and proud. nothing but love

This is me and my friends having a good time singing hiway 18. Dana is not a good camera person. ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wild Oglalas!

I was just a young boy when Sponge Bob didn’t have square pants.
In my time it was pretty tough, I was raised by my gram and that’s when
I was taught the real Lakota way of life. That’s when all the young one’s would get beat with a cherry tree branch. I remember one time, all the crazy ones out of the bunch went out all night playing cowboys and Indians, but the only thing is nobody wanted to be the cowboy so we just made up up our own tribe and played Indian against Indian.
When I got home, my gram would tell me to go pick out a stick, so I did, but little did I know that …that was the stick that I would get beat with.
I don’t hate my gram for doing that, after all these years. I look as a lesson now days you can’t even say anything to your child and if you do it’s child abuse.
These are the things why our world is going upside down, nobody has any respect for life. The way I look at it is, it’s all about money nobody cares about any body.
Maybe that’s just me, but when you live on the reservation most of your life you can relate.
If not, well it’s had to explain, if you have family that’s involved in the tribal council, then you can get a job easily but if not its hard to find a job, that’s were depression set in but its nothing to cry about because it’s been going on for years… cesni’o wild Oglalas will live no matter what they put in our face, we will live.
I was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian agency since 1971 and I love my people. We went though it all…Greasy Grass, Wounded Knee, World War 1, World War 2, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq… much love to all those warriors that went and fought for a country that keeps the natives in poverty, just remember who took the flag at Little Big Horn.

The Black Hills are not for sale!
Because, I am a wild Oglala!